We don't know who's luckier in this situation: Bruno Mars, because he gets to hang out with one of our fave Victoria's Secret models Miranda Kerr, or Ms. Kerr, because she gets to interview the cute-as-ever Mars.

Backstage at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the model sat down with the singer for a flirty yet awkward chat that left us thanking the Hollywood gods that Miranda Kerr is so beautiful, she gets a pass for the cringeworthy-ness of some of her interview questions.

She starts by asking Mars about his dimples and offers him a wink, to which he says he just felt a "shock through my body," as a result of the signature VS move. In reality, though, she was trying to figure out if it's hereditary and whatnot; he says he's the only one in his family who has them. Cut to the VS beauty, who offers another wink and exclaims that she too is the only member of her family to have the smile accessory as well.


But then she ups the ante with the lame pickup line you'd find at a bar. "Oh man, I'm so hot, maybe it's 'cause you just walked in the room," says the model after they high five over their dimples. "Daaaaang!" replies Mars, who looks at the camera, breaking the fourth wall ever so nicely. "That's how I feel."

Awkwardness aside, the highlight of the vid is when the pair begin to sing 'You Are My Sunshine,' and actually sound rather adorable together. It was surprising to see, given how the interview started out, but at least she was able to recover from the silly questions with a genuinely cute moment.

But still ... does anyone else feel the sexual tension between these two? Hubby Orlando Bloom may wanna keep a close eye on his model wife!