Rapper Fabolous said in a recent radio interview that Ray J didn't put his hands on him during their altercation in Las Vegas last Saturday (Sept. 17), but an online video may have shown otherwise.

Footage taken of Fabo's performance at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Sin City shows what appears to be a knot or a bruise on the side of his face. The clip is very brief and it's hard to really make out what's on his noggin. We are not ready to say that Fabolous contradicted himself about his version of the fight with Ray J. Honestly, we are so over this weekend kerfuffle between these two music stars.

But 50 Cent was the closest witness to the fight and he said that Ray J threw a punch but it didn't connect. So, we don't know what we're looking at in the video. In the end, Ray J wants to move on and forget about the whole thing. He recently told TMZ, “I’m not that proud of nothing that happened.”

Watch the video and you tell us. Is that a knot on Fabolous' face? Leave a comment below.

Watch Footage of Fabolous Showing Possible 'Knot' from Ray J Fight