This year, pop artists have really stepped it up in the music video department, implementing theatrical story lines, celebrity cameos, and choreographed dance breakdowns. It might only be half way through 2011, but there have been so many great videos that PopCrush had to bring our readers a mid-year recap of the best clips in pop music. From Nicki Minaj unleashing her inner Barbie in a pink wonderland, to Kesha's unicorn-filled battle with Dawson Leery, check out our picks (so far) for the Top 10 videos of 2011!

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    Sara Bareilles

    Sara Bareilles recruited all of her musical friends for the 'Uncharted' video, including indie rock twins Tegan and Sara, N.E.R.D. frontman Pharrell, (Professor) Ben Folds, Josh Groban, and Adam Levine. Even YouTube star Keenan Cahill busts out some lip-syncing for this comical and light-hearted clip.

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    'Super Bass'

    Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj transports viewers to the colorful land of her Harajuku Barbie alter ego in the sexy and sweet video for 'Super Bass.' Minaj's video makes our Top 10 Videos of 2011 (So Far) list for the overall captivating quality of the clip -- from a lusty glow-in-the-dark groove to her look-a-like troop of female dancers.

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    'She Ain't You'

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown pays tribute to his "biggest inspiration," Michael Jackson, in the video for 'She Ain't You.' Breezy looks like a reincarnation of the King of Pop, as he nails the 'Billie Jean' singer's signature moves throughout the footage while channeling some of Jackson's greatest videos like 'Ghost' and 'Smooth Criminal.'

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    '6 Foot 7 Foot'

    Lil Wayne Feat. Cory Gunz

    In this Hype Williams-directed clip, Weezy does his own take of the trippy film 'Inception' as a rappin' version of Leo's character. Lil Wayne also incorporates classic rap video elements: Hot girls popping out of cakes? Check. A downpour of dollar bills? Check. Fur coats, bling, and gold grills? Check, check, check!

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    Rihanna "feels so good being bad" in this kinky, pop art-inspired video. She flaunts her erotic side (wearing pleather), tortures tied-up reporters, and leads Perez Hilton (aka her man-dog) around on a leash. Warning! This one is pretty risque, so you might want to skip it if you have a heart condition or other medical-related issue.

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    Kesha will have trouble topping herself after this top video of 2011. 'Blow' finds the singer chatting up half-unicorn, half-human creatures in a club. Soon enough, she gets involved in a diss war with 'Dawson's Creek' star James Van Der Beek, which escalates to a barrage of lethal lazers. Random? Yes. Awesome? Definitely.

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    'The Lazy Song'

    Bruno Mars

    Bruno Mars may sing about "not doing anything" in 'The Lazy Song,' but his video is a far-cry from the laid-back lyrics. This intricate, one-take video finds Mars and his gang of monkeys goofing around all in perfect unison. Mars even shows off some dance moves, including a pants-down shake that would make even Rihanna blush.

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    'Born This Way'

    Lady Gaga

    Our Top Videos of 2011 list would not be complete without some Lady Gaga. In her 'Born This Way' video, Gaga brings her mother monster to life, as she portrays an alien queen giving birth to a world of independent thinkers. Her dance moves and skeleton makeup are also noteworthy, in addition to her outrageous array of costumes.

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    'Run the World (Girls)'


    In the post-apocalyptic clip for 'Run the World (Girls),' Beyonce is the commander of an army of hot females that conquers the opposing legion of males. Although B brings plenty of alluring images -- from her fashion choices to exotic animals -- the intense and elaborate choreography is what truly makes the video special.

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    'Make Some Noise'

    Beastie Boys

    After 25 years of amazing videos, it's safe to say that the Beastie Boys have outdone themselves with 'Make Some Noise.' The Brooklyn trio brought in a laundry list of actors, with Elijah Wood (AdRock), Seth Rogen (Mike D), and Danny McBride (MCA) portraying the rappers in this hilarious ode to the 'Fight for Your Right' video.