Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme performs an unbelievable stunt -- an epic split, using his physics-defying legs to stand and then split between two reversing trucks.

He is demonstrating the precision and stability of Volvo's Dynamic Steering, a proprietary technology that makes the Volvo FM easy to drive. Van Damme's death-defying, cover-your-eyes tour de force required relaxing, calming, New Age music.

Enya's 'Only Time' was the perfect soothing sonic accompaniment to play in the background during J-CVD's challenge, which was filmed in a one take at sunrise in a landing field in Spain.

We bit our nails and let the sound of Enya's ethereal vocals envelope us. Her crystalline voice was a comfort as we thought about what might happen to the family jewels should J-CVD break concentration and fall.

The song is from Enya's fifth album 'A Day Without Rain,' and the song and it's even, stable beat helped us get through this nerve-wracking clip.

Bravo, Mr. Van Damme.