Choreographer Wade Robson has changed his tune after testifying years ago that he had no inappropriate contact with Michael Jackson. The reason? He had a nervous breakdown. He drudged up deeply buried memories after becoming emotionally unglued, and then filed his suit. As we mentioned before, he is accusing the late King of Pop of molesting him for seven years and is seeking compensation from his Estate.

A source close to the Robson family has revealed that the dancer lost it in March 2012, suffering a complete and total breakdown.

Other insiders claim that Robson had been dealing with building anxiety through 2011, which came to a head in March of last year.

As a result, he was able to unearth repressed memories of his time with Jackson, and that is why he is filing his suit now.

Post-breakdown, he visited a psychotherapist and that's when the levy broke. He then revealed that Jackson had molested him from age 7 through age 14 and decided he would sue the Estate.

Also, because of the breakdown, he went into seclusion and his career tanked. He was unable to work or honor his commitments. He ended up breaching contracts and was unable to write three songs, which he had promised to do. He lost "a ton of money" and his earning power has been significantly decreased.

The sources said that while he has "substantial savings," he has not been making any new money, which could eliminate the suggestion and speculation that Robson's suit is financially motivated because he has fallen on hard times.

Michael Jackson Estate lawyers already shot down Robson's claims, pointing to the fact that he testified in 2005 that nothing happened.

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