Everyone should clap for this! Rappers Waka Flock Flame and Drake were able to shoot the video for their worldwide strip-club anthem 'Round of Applause.' The song became a viral hit after Drizzy laced his verses on the remix last year. The duo shot the video last night in Los Angeles.

Blogger Janice Llamoca of the Los Angeles Leakers was able to capture some behind the scenes footage from the set. In the video, Waka and his homies are surrounded by a bevy of masked beauties who are dancing in the club. We also get to see Drake do his verse onstage behind a red velvet curtain.

In addition, Waka Flocka treated his fans with some Instragram pictures live from the set and posted them on his Twitter page. One interesting photo features the Atlanta rapper wearing a colorful diamond-encrusted chain of Looney Tunes's famous cartoon rooster Foghorn Leghorn. It's safe to say that Waka loves his cartoon-inspired jewelry.

No official word on when the 'Round of Applause' video will drop, but you can bet that it will garner plenty of hand claps when hits the Internet.

Watch Behind the Scenes of Waka Flocka and Drake Filming 'Round of Applause' Video