It looks like Waka Flocka Flame is trying to flex his acting chops in the uncut version of his 'Round of Applause' video. Unlike the original edited version, this clip is strictly NSFW, so if you love being employed, we don't recommend you watching it while on the job.

In the uncensored video, we see the story line fully realized as Waka plays a guy trying to save his childhood sweetheart Eva (played by reality TV star Dreya) from going down the wrong path of drugs and fast money. Rapper Drake also makes a cameo in the vid playing a cigar-chomping manager of a strip club where Eva is employed at.

In fact, the centerpiece of the mini-movie is at the strip club where it's raining money and the dancers are popping their derrieres for the customers. This is where Waka confronts Drake's character and asks him about Eva. As far as their acting skills, we advise that Waka and Drizzy don't quit their day job. Sheesh!

We don't think Waka's fans will be interested in the story line as they will be too distracted with the eye candy on display -- and there's plenty of it. Not only are there strippers, but there are also naked women in body paint and the Twerk Team girls show us how they, um, twerk it.

Waka Flocka Flame’s ‘Round of Applause’ video is part of a video series in conjunction with his upcoming album ’Triple F Life: Friends Fans and Family,’ which is due out later this year.

Watch the Waka Flocka Flame 'Round of Applause' (NSFW) Video Feat. Drake