Rapper Waka Flocka Flame was caught in a full-scale brawl while he was hosting his first annual Celebrity Bowling Match in Atlanta last week. Everything was going well at the event, until someone decided to crash the party and sucker-punch Waka in the face. Of course, all of this was captured on video.

According to FreddyO.com, a former protégé of Waka had some beef with him and after words were exchanged, fists began to fly. TMZ posted a clip of the Atlanta rapper taking a full-on haymaker to the face. Unfazed by the direct hit, Waka then jumps over a railing to confront the perpetrator and gives him a two-piece knockout punch to his dome. In this video, you can actually see the guy on the floor dazed and confused.

Despite the altercation, the event went on as planned. Flame's mother, Deb Antney, announced that her company, Mizay Entertainment, would donate 10 homes to single-parent and grandparent-run households in Atlanta. So in the end, Waka Flocka Flame was able to turn a negative situation into something positive. Let's increase the peace and stop the violence.

Watch a Video of Waka Flocka Getting Sucker-Punched