Washington, D.C. rapper Wale certainly has been ambitious with his music career. After leaving Interscope Records, many wondered if Wale would ever shine again. Now, as a member of Maybach Music Group, Wale is determined to make a name for himself in the rap game. On his bombastic anthem 'Ambition,' MMG labelmates Wale, Meek Mill and Rick Ross speak about their struggles to achieve their dreams of success.

Produced by T-Minus, 'Ambitious' is a phenomenal song that should resonate with fans who are also struggling to win in the game called life. Philadelphia spitfire Meek Mill goes up first to tell his story of surviving on the streets. "My momma taught me never steal and never tell on folks / I grew up looking at the n---a that was selling coke," he says, recalling his days as a street hustler. "Now I move with aggression / Use my mind as a weapon / 'Cause chances are never given they are taken like interceptions."

Ricky Rozay follows, and he vows to remain on his top of his grind as the leader of Maybach Music Group. "Ambition is priceless that’s something in your veins / And I doubt that ever change," he spits. "Ambition is my s--t and I put that on my name / And I doubt that ever change."

Finally, Mr. Folarin relays a tough message on what ambition means to him. He raps, "And family is everything and money is less important / Long as your mama love you, don’t ever love a woman / I got a lot of bitches, they got a lot of feelings / But I got that green on my eyes / And that ain’t no Donnie Simpson."

Wale's chorus is equally as poignant and will stick to your brain as well. He recites, "It's easy to dream a dream, but much harder to live it / Look, they gonna love me for my ambition / Beautiful music, painting pictures that be my vision / They gon love me for my ambition."

As the title of his song suggests, Wale has plenty of ambition and he’s certainly on the road to success with his upcoming LP, aptly named 'Ambition,' which hits stores on Nov. 1.

Listen to Wale, 'Ambition' Feat. Rick Ross and Meek Mill