The last we heard from Wale, he was freestyling over the Kris Kross hit 'Jump.' Today, the rapper took to Twitter to share his latest creation, a song featuring J. Cole called 'Bad Girls Club.'

As far as we know, the song isn't associated with the MTV series of the same name, but it celebrates some of the same themes -- strong women and partying to excess.

Cole opens 'Bad Girls Club' with the hook, "She's a star if I ever seen one / A perfect 10, and Lord knows that I need one / So now I'm under pressure, I want it bad / She got something I never had / I see her lookin' at me." Throughout the song, he commands, "Bad b----es, get low right now."

Riding a nice musical groove highlighted by drums and keys, Wale raps, "I'm just tryin' to get you comfortable / And it's amazing what some liquor and a blunt will do."

The rappers have good chemistry together and deliver an impressive series of one-liners: "If looks kill, then you're murdering," "I get paper like a mailbox, but girl you got me open," and "(I) blow trees like a hurricane."

This collaboration is one we'll be playing over and over. Wale already shot the music video in L.A. with Rick Ross and DJ Khaled. The track is set to appear on his sophomore set, due later this year.

Listen to Wale, 'Bad Girls Club' Feat. J. Cole