DC rapper Wale talks about the price of fame and how people can be so fake in his new video for 'Chain Music.' The bass-heavy song is from his latest album 'Ambition,' which is in stores now.

The Rik Cordero-directed clip shows Wale's "humble" side (when he was broke) and the "Geechi” side (now that's he ballin') and how people react to him whether it's a car dealer or a hot model. The video also features Wale surrounded by chains as he complains about girls who are checking for him now that he's wearing gaudy jewelry, opposed to his lack thereof when he was on the come up.

"She said I'm charming and I meant it / But she was talking about my pendant / I got geechi on her, came back with thirty chains / Now she attentive, I bet she listen to everything / Straight geechi on her, came back with eighty chains / Now them silly b----es calling me like everyday," he raps.

This is the first time we have heard of the slang term "Geechi," which Wale repeatedly says in the video. We don't know if the word will catch on in the lexicon of hip-hop, but the visuals from 'Chain Music' should hold your attention for the time being.

Watch the Wale 'Chain Music' Video