In the true spirit of the Oxygen network hit, Wale and J. Cole's 'Bad Girls Club' video features women at their worst.

The video is full of dangerous archetypes. It opens with a house party full of scantily-clad women dancing. Soon, in a twist we've never seen before, the scantily clad women make their way outside to a swimming pool, where several of them fight their way into the water -- and one of them slips a nip in the process. Drowning is purported to be a rather painful way to go, and in this case it'd be a shameful one to boot. Way to keep it classy, ladies!

Eventually, the fun moves back inside, where more women vie, at times violently (with frying pans since women are supposed to cook), for Wale and Cole's attention. When that gets old, the guys get moving, and they bring the gals with them -- in a party bus equipped with a pole. That can't be safe, but we wouldn't want to imagine how you'd strap a seatbelt to it, either.

Despite the safety hazards, it's all in good fun. It's just surprising that two artists as talented and creative as Wale and J. Cole couldn't come up with something we haven't already seen. One incentive to watch: After this video ends, you can catch a preview for 'Tats on My Arm' featuring Rozay.

Watch Wale and J. Cole's NSFW 'Bad Girls Club' Video