We didn't know what to expect with this odd combination of Wale's hard-nosed rhymes matched with the pop sensibilities of singer Miguel. The rap ballad 'Lotus Flower Bomb' is the DC rhyme-slinger's first single from his second album 'Ambition,' due out on Nov. 1.

While Wale's heart is in the right place, we don't think his come-hither rhymes will swoon any ladies he's trying to attract. Some of his lyrics sound like bad pickup lines that no guy should never try to use on a woman. For example in one line he raps, "Flower bomb, can I blow up on your mind / This is not no Sandra Bull, but you're Potion No. 9." Yeah, we know that he's talking about, the actress' 1992 film -- but let's keep it real, who really remembers that movie?

Miguel's crooning on the hook is the only thing keeping 'Lotus Flower Bomb' from being a literal bomb. His falsetto helps divert your attention from Wale’s odd come-ons and his chorus is the most romantic thing in the song.

Wale's 'Lotus Flower Bomb' is a cool single to get people's attention but we don't think it will catch anyone's ears. Wale is known for his street tracks, so his attempts to go mainstream with this tune might not sit well with most of his fans.

Listen to Wale, 'Lotus Flower Bomb' Feat. Miguel