DMV rhyme-slinger Wale is bringing the police sirens and swagger to his new single, 'Slight Work.' Joining him on the fun is 'My Last' rapper Big Sean as the duo spit braggadocios rhymes about how they are ballin' out of control.

Produced by Diplo, who has created trippy beats for M.I.A., the song is perfect for the clubs. On the track, Wale gloats, "B----, I go hard, I'm ballin', I'm globetrottin' / And my flow art my n---a, I'm Mozart with it / I do this, I turn a straight prude b---- into a nudist."

Big Sean follows behind Wale and flaunts how much money he spends in the club. "Under 25, living the f---in' life / White America said I'd be doing 25 to life / And just for that, I'mma blow 25 tonight / You make 25 a year, I make 25 a night, whoa!" he raps.

Wale and Big Sean's celebratory rhymes might not sit well with people who are still trying to make ends meet in the recession. But on the flip side, let's not knock them for being successful in the rap game.

If you revel in these type of club songs, then 'Slight Work' will appear on Wale's second LP 'Ambition, which hits stores on Nov. 1.

Listen to Wale, 'Slight Work' Feat. Big Sean