On August 5, Mariah Carey became the 2,556th star to earn a permanent spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—whose lights already illuminated the path? Each week, PopCrush will look into the oft-forgotten icons of yesteryear. Between Slim Summerville (?), Tichi Wilkerson Kassel (!) and the Fibber McGee and Molly radio show, this is your own Walk Through Memory Fame.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Dimples are technically a facial deformity, the result of abnormalities in the zygomaticus major muscle, and they're also the reason silent film actor House Peters, Sr. couldn't achieve his dream of playing loathsome human beings. Rats!

Peters, Sr. was born in England in 1880. He began earning roles as charming leading men in Los Angeles as early as 1913's In the Bishop's Carriage but he DID NOT WANT THEM!!! He consistently aimed for parts as villains, but was rebuffed for his tiresome good looks and natural romantic inclinations. ARRESTING BEAUTY RUINS YET ANOTHER LIFE.

Probably because he was sick of it; sick of it all, Peters often took years off of work at a time (one hiatus lasted for 23 years). And guess what? People weren't thrilled about it, and though Peters' career was lousy with starring roles in the early 1920s—and he's considered one of Hollywood's initial movie star prototypes—he was soon reduced to supporting parts. This, as his son, House Peters, Jr., began to storm the entertainment scene and get parts as villains. Insult, injury etc..

House Peters, Sr. died in 1967. His star is located at 6157 Hollywood Boulevard, just down the street from the Museum of Death, which features paintings rendered by serial killers and videos of autopsies.

Oh, and he was known as "The Star of a Thousand Emotions" (every emotion except contempt, presumably).