In the new movie 'Walk of Shame,' Elizabeth Banks' character, Meghan Miles, knows how to work hard -- and play hard! She hits the town for a night out with her girlfriends, only to have things go terribly awry.

Meghan's night might have included some seriously disastrous moments, but she still keeps a positive attitude and learns a lot about herself over the course of the movie. It definitely makes us want to cut loose for a night out, too.

Inspired by the epic 'Walk of Shame' Meghan takes, PopCrush has assembled a handy how-to guide for your own night out on the town. Cheers to an evening that's just as eventful, but hopefully less chaotic, than Meghan's!

Be sure to check out ‘Walk Of Shame’ in theaters and On Demand on May 2.

Get Tips From Meghan Herself

What better way to prepare for an epic night out than to watch 'Walk of Shame'? Elizabeth Banks takes on challenge after challenge -- and in heels, no less! Her quick-thinking and sense of humor are essential for a night on the town.

Glam It Up

Meghan typically sticks to suits and sweaters for her job as a news anchor, but for her night on the town, she stepped out of her comfort zone. Of course, by the end of the movie her yellow dress has become pretty infamous, but we like that it brought Meghan out of her shell. An easy -- and cheap! -- way to change up your own look is to swap clothes with your friends. After all, Meghan's friend looked amazing in her borrowed pantsuit, too.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Speaking of trying new things, Meghan was forced to step outside her comfort zone throughout 'Walk of Shame.' Whether it was flirting with a cute bartender or giving an impromptu toast, Meghan was all about living in the moment. We won't spoil the ending of the movie, but we're pretty confident that taking chances paid off for her in a big way!

Treat Yourself

The weekend is the perfect opportunity to blow off some steam. Meghan wasn't afraid to indulge herself during her crazy night, eating tons of pizza and goofing around with James Marsden. While we can only dream about hanging out with James (sigh!), we fully support embracing your goofy side.

Make New Friends

As Meghan raced to secure her dream job, she met a variety of characters along the way. Some slowed her down, but others unexpectedly helped her out. We love that she was able to walk away with some hilarious encounters, and maybe even a new friend or two.

Keep a Great Attitude

No matter how you look at it, Meghan faced some major hurdles during her walk of shame. Even though running in heels is no easy feat, she approached most of her challenges head-on and with a positive outlook. No matter what kind of night you're having (or day, for that matter), we love that she's able to see the glass half full.

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