We've seen our fair share of covers of Taylor Swift's massively catchy hit 'Shake It Off,' but we haven't seen one quite like this. The Canadian rock band Walk off the Earth used actual shakers to recreate the pop song (seriously -- how did no one think of this before? totally brilliant), managing to maintain the super fun, upbeat energy of the song while somehow giving it a relaxed feel at the same time.

The band is super chill, playing the song on the beach while the sun sets in the background. Our favorite part? It was a close call between the band casting their guitars aside at the very end, and the emergence of a band member from beneath the sand. But we're going to have to give this one to the surprise didgeridoo appearance. Because if there's anything that improves absolutely every song it's a part of, it's the didigeridoo.

Check out the awesome cover above, and let us know how you feel.

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