Just a walrus dancing to Michael Jackson.

Posted by Shanghaiist on Monday, November 30, 2015

There’s no type of media we appreciate more than videos of various animals being trained to respond to commands in time with specific songs. It's something we could probably never do, because our motor skills remain less honed than ever. Keeping in line with that thinking, we bring to you the above video: A walrus dancing to the Michael Jackson hit “Smooth Criminal.”

The walrus has been taught by his fedora-wearing trainer to perform an array of moves set to the 1987 hit song: He flips onto his back, bobs his thick walrus neck up and down -- perfectly in time with the music -- and even raises his giant flipper in perfect synchronization with his trainer. He’s so talented and beautiful!

One Facebook user commented on the incredible video, writing, "Michael Jackson was a living legend! Not surprised that a walrus enjoys his music! Awesome video!" We're not surprised either. Jackson was the rare kind of artist who transcended all types of boundaries -- it's no wonder a walrus would find joy in trying to moonwalk, even if he can't quite do it, you know?

Watch the walrus -- in all his glistening skin glory -- dance impressively to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" in the video above.

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