Warren G says goodbye to his friend Nate Dogg in a new tribute song featuring LaToiya Williams, 'This Is Dedicated to You.'

We were all sad to get the news of Dogg's passing back in March, but it was especially tragic for Warren G, who was in the group 213 alongside Nate and Snoop Dogg back in the day.

But pain spawns creativity, and this song is simply part of the grieving process for the rapper-producer. In one verse, G even admits that he doesn't know how he can continue on his own career path:

"Touring overseas, submitting legacy / Writing history with every song you sang / Regulating the era / Standing side by side and we're down for whatever / Was the days of the past now I'm looking to the future / Like s---, I don't even wanna do music"

Nate Dogg suffered heart attack and a stroke in 2007, followed by another stroke in 2008, and had to go to rehab to re-learn how to do basic things like walking. In this special and personal song, Warren G expresses that he can't imagine what it was like for his late friend, and how he himself is coping with the loss.

The song trails off with the LaToiya Williams chorus and lingering music, which is haunting, and it feels a tad invasive to us to be apart of such an intimate experience in Warren G's life. Regardless, we're thankful he was able to find the strength to share his feelings with the world, because for the rest of us, it means a great way to remember Nate -- through music.

Rating: 8/10

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