1D in 3D is one thing. But seeing One Direction via a panoramic, 360 degree angle? Oh yes! You can never have Harry Styles or Zayn Malik and their band brethren in enough dimensions, points of view or perspectives. In this quirky interview, filmed wth Dot by Kogeto, which is a 360-degree accessory for the iPhone 4, you can use your mouse to scroll and view the interview from any "direction" you'd like.

We have to admit the radio DJ conducting the interview is a bit annoying, chomping away while chatting with the 1D boys. All the boys in the band are eating pizza, too, and it turns out that noshing and gnawing on food is part of the interview, dubbed "a full-mouth interview." Gross, but sorta funny.

There are some fun parts, such as the boys playing the lottery with scratch-off tickets, which you must be 18 to do in the U.S.

The boys say they are not paying too much attention to the records that they are breaking. They are just doing their thing. But they certainly are aware of all the viral videos that are popping up and celebrating their music.

The DJ asks them to offer their best pickup line with a mouth full of food, too. One of the lines is as follows: "If you like pizza as much as I do, we're going to get along real well."

You hear that, Directioners?

Watch One Direction 360 Interview