Fair warning, dear reader. You will want to turn the volume all the way down on your computer when watching this video of teen sensation Austin Mahone, who is strategically positioning himself as the Justin Bieber heir apparent, since the Biebs is growing up and reaching a maturation point on all levels. You will risk your hearing and go deaf from the high-pitched shrieking of this teen sensation's female fans. He even makes 'em cry. Like sob.

But it's not like that. The cutie patootie 'Say Somethin' singer didn't snub them nor was he mean to them. All he did was ... exist.

Mahone performed in Texas and was greeted by over 2,000 fans as he arrived at the La Palmera Mall to perform during the Planet 102.3 benefit concert for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

That set off waves of teen girl mob hysteria. He performed in the same room as them and they went nuts. Like, lost their minds. They took photos with their iPhones. They clamored for a stolen glance with him.

The three-song show was free, and Mahoniacs started converging on the location at 8AM. Gotta get a good spot and a closeup, right? Fans threw notes on stage, rang their hands, cried real tears of joy, screamed his name and sang along with him, as he strummed acoustically.

He required a police escort to exit the location, and of course, his vehicle was chased by hordes of screaming, worshipful girls. Austin Mahone hysteria might be in its infancy, but if this type of fever and fervor is any indication, this kid is about the blow the heck up.

He looks the part of teen sensation, with his backwards cap and red and black kicks, and even made the heart sign with his hands while peering out a window at his fans. Charming!

He definitely is similar to the Biebs on a few levels. And we don't say that as if it's a bad thing. At all.