Hey Rushers, we've got a surprise for you. Big Time Rush member Kendall Schmidt and his brother Kevin have shared their pretty awesometastic cover of Ed Sheeran's 'A Team.'

In the video it's Kendall, 21, performing the song live on an acoustic guitar, in scenes that flash in both color and black and white, while his bro Kevin, 23, directed the clip. We love when siblings come together for an artistic and artful project like this.

It's also beyond refreshing to see the member of a polished pop boy band try his hand at something different. He infuses the song with so much emotion, thanks to his sweet voice and the way that he strums away on his instrument. Is it us or does Schmidt look completely and totally at home performing solo and in an intimate setting such as this? Strip away the choreography and his groupmates and he is solid on his own, as well.

The verdict? Kendall Schmidt does an excellent job handling Sheerhan's song. So much so that we predict that this cover could go viral.

More please!

It's interesting that British ginger kid Sheeran is so entrenched with the boy bands on many levels. He wrote One Direction's 'Moments.'

Watch Big Time Rush Member Kendall Schmidt Cover Ed Sheeran's 'A Team'