Finally! Britney Spears 'Twister Dance' commercial has leaked. We saw sexy and hot-bodied still photos from the shoot all the way back in April, and now the actual spot has leaked. It's all of 30 seconds, featuring Brit Brit rocking moves to her 'Femme Fatale' hit 'Till the World Ends.'

'Twister Dance' is easy. You follow the lights, hit the spots and learn the moves! It doesn't matter if you are a huge wallflower or can't dance to save your life. This game makes it easy, and with the help of that hottie Brit Brit.That's a win-win. Before you know it, you'll be cutting a rug at your cousin's wedding. No, seriously.

In the super short spot, Brit runs her hands through her blonde locks, and grooves with a cast of dancers who are doing their thang behind her. When Brit was at the height of her Lolita-like dominance, no one danced on the level that she did. No one had harder abs, either. This spot reminds us of that "classic" era of Brit Brit.

"Rock the spots with Twister Dance" is all that Brit says in the commerical, and she probably got paid a nice chunk of change for doing so! Must be nice to be a pop star being paid to endorse a product without having to do too much work or exert yourself.

Another fun fact? That bra that Brit Brit is wearing is a pricy one. It cost $20,000. Insane, right? For a bra to cost 20 Gs, it better have magical powers and cook, clean and take the dog out for a walk.