Look out Pauly D of 'Jersey Shore' or David Guetta. You're about to be supplanted by the funniest DJ on earth ... At least in the laughs department.

Jared Followill of Kings of Leon tweeted a link to the video of this middle-age, white-haired, DJ. He's not hip, he's not cool. He's not even moving in time with the beats and the rhythms of the music that is bellowing. He's quite madcap and animated.

But none of that matters, since he sure is having a good time. No one seems to entertain this DJ as much as he entertains himself! He has to be the the life of the party, right?

This guy, with his laptop, is going buckwild, playing air drums, clapping, hitting high hat symbols that
don't exist, smiling, grooving (out of time with the music, as mentioned, but that's okay!) and whistling. He is, in a word, pumped!

How can you not a) like him or b) invite him to DJ your next wedding, bar or bat mitzvah? You would get extra bang for your buck since he is an added element of entertainment with his moves.

Watch Middle-Aged DJ Having Fun