Justin Bieber performed a private acoustic set in Berlin, Germany during his whirlwind promo tour for 'Believe,' and now you can pretend you were in Deutschland with him! The Biebs performs 'All Around the World' and 'Boyfriend' while wearing a black leather jacket and flanked by a guitarist in this footage.

He rocked a rendition of 'U Smile,' which at this point is a Biebs "classic." We liked hearing it in this stripped down format.

He also performed 'Boyfriend,' with the crowd acting as his backup singers. Come to think of it, the mostly female crowd acted like Bieberettes, singing backing vocals on all of the tunes. He even let them take the lead during the "swag, swag, swag" part. Treating ladies right is part and parcel of true swaginess.

All three of these tunes are normally upbeat dance songs. Hearing the Biebs perform them in a stripped down and unplugged fashion was intriguing since they sound different and he handled them well, showing off his R&B style. While his voice sometimes cracks a little, he is really growing into his falsetto (in 3, 2...) and he's becoming a more developed performer. Yeah, we'll admit it. We swooned.

Watch Justin Bieber's German Performance