Tonight's episode of 'X Factor' will feature none other than Justin Bieber -- exciting, yes, but we strongly advise you to not lick your television screens. Because ... that's just not sanitary.

Bieber will be co-mentoring with L.A. Reid on tonight's episode, which is a bit odd since Reid got stuck mentoring The Over 25's group (aka, a contestant 25 and older), and we're not entirely sure how Bieber will be able to relate to those group of contestants, and vice versa, but we don't have our own TV show, so ...

Anyway, since we're sure the 'X Factor' crew filmed a ton of stuff, there are some behind-the-scenes videos of Bieber's time on the show floating around the web that won't make it on tonight's show. In one clip, he performs the Beatles' 'Let It Be' for Reid, and accompanies himself on the piano. The other clip just shows him singing his song 'Catching Feelings.'

But wait a minute, there's some drama surrounding the non-televised footage. Since the majority of last night's episode focused on Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell's groups, a lot of Biebers footage was understandably shortened, and he was none too pleased with that!

"Heard we got used for ratings according to twitter and we arent even on until tomorrow (sic)?" he wrote. "@xfactorusa could of just told us." But he was quick to move on from his... let's just say, disappointment, and followed up the tweet with, "About to see my beliebers...and it's gonna BE ALRIGHT. #showtime #CANADA."

Stop being a diva, Biebs.

Watch Justin Bieber Sing 'Catching Feelings'