Miley Cyrus has been shedding her squeaky clean Disney image for a while now, namely in her upcoming film 'LOL.' The singer's screen test for the film and the role as leaked online, featuring the always cute teen running lines from the script with her co-stars Ashley Hinshaw and Lind Esco.

You will feel like you are watching Miley and her friends hanging out and being normal teens. That is how believable this screen test is. Their rapport is so natural and believable you'd think all three ladiest were BFFs in real life.

We love the few times where Cyrus pretends to be talking to her mother, who is played by Demi Moore in the actual film, on the phone, rolling her eyes and being generally bratty. Adorbs, as is customary for Miss Miley.

'LOL,' which is a remake of a French film, is due in theaters on May 4 in limited release and we look forward to seeing Miley flex her acting chops in a racier, more mature role. She can't stay 'Hannah Montana' forevs.

Watch the Miley Cyrus 'LOL' Screen Test