Nick Jonas made a guest appearance on the CBS comedy series 'Last Man Standing' on Tuesday night, and like a true Jonas Brother, didn't leave the set unnoticed.

The 18-year-old actor/boy band member found himself in a scene where he was expected to blend in with the crowd, singing 'Silent Night' as a means to get us all in the Christmas spirit, but instead gave himself the liberty of a solo during his solo appearance.

In the hilarious minute-long clip, Jonas finds himself among friends and neighbors -- like Tim Allen -- in the pews of his local church, engulfed in a holiday singalong. But rather than lay low and let the unanimous tone of the crowd lead the way, he begins to add unique blips and at one point, stands above the rest of the people to make his voice heard.

The youngest Jonas, who portrayed a wasteful teen dad in the episode, even tried to get his fellow church-goers to give the classic holiday tune a rock concert-style ending.

Early next year, Nick is expected to guest star on the hit NBC show, 'Smash.'

Watch Nick Jonas Sing 'Silent Night' on 'Last Man Standing'