The much-delayed 'Watch the Throne' project between Kanye West and Jay-Z could possibly come this summer if the latest rumors pan out.

Hip-Hop gossip website has unveiled what they are calling the "official" album cover art for 'Watch the Throne.' [UPDATE: posted a HQ version of the cover]. The artwork reportedly will be made out of gold-colored metal and features symbols of stars, pentagrams and baphomets (yeah, we don't know what that is either).

Meanwhile, is reporting that the rap tandem's album will probably drop in mid-August, with a possible new single being release around July 11. Afterward, Ye and Jigga will tour to support the project.

With all of these rumors, we here at PopCrush don't know what to make of it. For all we know, Kanye and Jay-Z might release the album digitally without any warning. So far, we have an unconfirmed tracklisting and a co-sign from hitmaker Swizz Beatz who says that the album would be "worth the wait." We shall see.

UPDATE #2: It's official, folks. You can now view the gold-covered artwork of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s collaborative effort 'Watch The Throne' at Hov's Life and Times website. No word on when the album is dropping, however, you can preorder it now.

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