Amy Winehouse has a four-disc video box set coming out in November to celebrate the best live performances of her career, and now fans can view a trailer for the 'At the BBC' set that includes concert clips and interviews with the singer herself.

The footage captures the late singer during various BBC performance sessions as she sings 'I Heard it Through the Grapevine,' 'Love Is a Losing Game,' 'Back to Black,' 'Rehab' and more. One clip shows Winehouse performing with her hair down instead of in her trademarked beehive style. She also wields a guitar in that performance, showing off a skill that many fans may not be aware she had.

In an interview snippet, Winehouse says, "Because I'm a jazz singer, I don't feel like I have to prove a lot of stuff as far as my music is concerned." And she responds to a random question about the appropriateness of public displays of affection by saying, "I approve wholeheartedly."

According to NME, the set includes one CD and three DVDs, featuring her multiple appearances on Jools Holland's talk show and at concert festivals. Rapper Nas delivers a foreword, and all proceeds from the package will benefit The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which raised nearly $400,000 in its first year and used the money to support organizations that help troubled youths.