Multiple reports suggest that Lil Wayne may have gotten into a fight with Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant at a Miami nightclub on Sunday, but the player says stories about the scuffle have been exaggerated.

The incident occurred at Club Liv, an upscale club inside the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. A Dallas TV station was told that Bryant "got involved in a verbal altercation with some members of a famous rapper's entourage and had to be detained by police." The rapper was later identified as Lil Wayne.

Sources claim the incident started when someone taunted Bryant about his subpar season and his financial problems, and that tempers escalated to the point that Bryant was detained by police. The Miami Beach Police Department, however, has no record of the incident, so it apparently never became too serious.

The last thing Weezy needs, after his prison stints, is more trouble with the law. The same is true of Bryant, who has been called a "ticking time bomb" by some sportswriters for his off-the-field problems. But it sounds like this was more of a minor argument and cooler heads prevailed in the end.

This morning, Bryant finally responded to the reports, tweeting, "Let's quit with the false stories and this man don't have a problem with one another lol."