If you're going to release a song called 'Friday Is Forever' in the current pop culture environment, it's only naturally you'd want to parody Rebecca Black. We the Kings have done just that with their latest music video.

The clip takes Black's original 'Friday' video and replaces the girls' heads with those of We the Kings singer Travis Clark and his bandmates -- except that their heads are shown extra-large, bobblehead style.

The clever video, produced by the Pork Music Factory, according to the opening credits, mimics Black's video scene for scene, to the tune of We the Kings' poppy new song.

Keep your eyes peeled for several familiar faces taking turns as the driver of the car, including Snooki, Kesha, Michelle Obama, Angelica from 'Rugrats' and Abe Lincoln.

Other famous people whose likeness shows up at the party: Charlie Sheen, Steven Tyler, Stewie Griffin, the 'Scream' killer and Chewbacca.

'Friday Is Forever' will appear on the Florida band's untitled third album.

Watch the We the Kings, 'Friday Is Forever' Video