After poking fun at Rebecca Black in an earlier clip for 'Friday is Forever,' We the Kings have now released an official video for the song in which they find a way to go boating through the streets of Los Angeles.

The Bill Fishman-directed video kicks off with shots of a dock, boats and seagulls, and it becomes obvious that the band is hitting the open sea. We the Kings begin playing the song in the back of the boat, accompanied by a few bikini-clad babes.

The wind is blowing and everyone is having a great time on the water. Except, it turns out they're not on the water; the next shot reveals that they're actually in a boat that's hitched to the back of a truck, and the open sea is actually pavement.

As the group continues performing the summery pop song in the back of the boat, their vehicle drives down some of the busiest streets in Los Angeles, surprising onlookers on Hollywood Boulevard. Eventually, they reach the beach, but the boat stays ashore while the band hangs out with dozens of exuberant fans.

'Friday Is Forever' is the lead single from the band's third full-length album, scheduled for release later this summer.

Watch We the Kings, 'Friday Is Forever' Video