Starting next week, you'll be able to do battle with We the Kings in video game format. The band has released behind-the-scenes footage from its upcoming interactive video for 'Say You Like Me.'

The footage shows the band doing a lot of filming in front of a green screen for scenes to be inserted into the video game. The concept involves We the Kings attempting to rescue their princess.

"The girl is kidnapped by an evil guy," explains frontman Travis Clark. "They're gonna be throwing missiles at me. I'm gonna have to duck and dodge. It's gonna be really great. It'll probably be the most action-packed scene that We the Kings has ever done."

The footage also shows car chase scenes, as well as a clip of guitarist Hunter Thomsen participating in a Mortal Kombat-style fighting game against a cartoon opponent. He earns raves from the crew for his spectacular face plant onto a mat.

We love interactive videos, and this one looks a bit more detailed than the Kreayshawn game. The game video for 'Say You Like Me' premieres on Vevo on on Tuesday, Nov. 22. The track appears on the band's 'Sunshine State of Mind' album.

Watch the We the Kings 'Say You Like Me' Behind the Scenes Video