You can help We the Kings save a kidnapped girl from the clutches of evil cartoon bad guys in the interactive video for their new single, 'Say You Like Me.'

Viewers can choose from three different levels of difficulty and can select whether they'd like to play as Hunter, Travis, Drew or Danny. Fans must get through seven levels to save the girl, battling the bad guys on the way by throwing eggs, dodging obstacles in a car chase, playing a simplified version of 'Guitar Hero,' partaking in a game of tennis, and winning a Mortal Kombat-style fighting game.

Unlike the Kreayshawn video game, the We the Kings video game does not come with instructions, and the game play is a bit clunky. Characters move on their own, even when the user doesn't press any buttons or make any clicks. Users only get to make one click during each level, after the yellow arrow appears, so the amount of actual player participation is minimal.

The video was complicated to make, as we saw during the behind-the-scenes footage the band released last week. Play the game below, or head to Vevo to try it out on a larger screen.

Watch/Play the We the Kings 'Say You Like Me' Interactive Video