Pop punk quartet We the Kings are bringing a reggae twist to their cheerful new love song 'Say You Like Me.' The track appears on 'Sunshine State of Mind,' the latest album from the Florida natives.

The tune starts off slow, with Travis Clark's vocals and simple guitar picking as the lone elements. During the intro, Clark sweetly sings to the shy, nice girl that has completely captivated him: "She's the girl that no one ever knows / And I say hi, but she's too shy to say hello / She's just waiting for that one / To take her hand and shake her up / I bet I could."

'Say You Like Me' soon picks up into a catchy blend of reggae, pop and rock. The pre-chorus ("Cause I'm never going down / I'm never giving up") might just be the catchiest part of the entire track, as Clark's effortless, roll-off-the-tongue vocals are paired with the light-hearted fusion of beating drums and a longing, melodic guitar.

Although we like most of the song, the refrain of "whoa, oh, oh, oh" that is repeated four times seems more like shouting and less like singing -- in comparison to the whole track, which has a breezy, summer love vibe, just doesn't seem to fit right. Still, 'Say You Like Me' is a bubbly track that will definitely see some airplay in the summer months.

Listen to We the Kings, 'Say You Like Me'