While you are probably familiar with Hunter Parrish the actor, the 'Weeds' star is introducing the world to Hunter Parrish the musician with release of his EP 'Guessing Games.' Not only does this Virginia native exhibit his creative talent on the big screen, but he's also showing off his prowess for producing lighthearted pop songs with his six-song EP.

Parrish's EP kicks off with 'Oh Mother,' and his voice is smooth and sweet as he sings the loving lyrics of the guitar-driven, airy track (which is actually about his momma!). The EP then gives way to 'Sitting at Home,' a mid-tempo song about being so madly in love that spending nights in alone is as good as "drinking in Paris" and "kissing in Rome."

As the EP plays on, it becomes more clear as to what Parrish meant when he said his debut solo EP has a "pop folk" feel, as Parrish weaves stories over radio friendly, spirited, guitar-centric music. 'Down So Low' is a heavier breakup track, while the smooth sounds of 'Easy' boast some twangy guitars and his Parrish's amazing falsetto. The title track is very catchy and upbeat, with Parrish once again delivering a spot-on vocal performance, before he closes out with the building 'Heart of Stone,' where he exhibits a harder, grainier edge to his voice.

Parrish's bright, hypnotizing and somewhat breathy voice leaves us wanting more! Although 'Guessing Games' is his first venture as a solo artist, this isn't the first time the 'It's Complicated' actor has shown off his singing skills. The 24 year old is currently starring as Jesus in the Broadway revival 'Godspell.' However, his solo efforts are vastly different than the 'Godspell' soundtrack, with a sound that's reminiscent of singer-songwriters like Jason Mraz and John Mayer.