Weird Al Yankovic isn't ready to move out of his 'Amish Paradise' into the big, bad world of reality television. Although the comedic singer was offered a chance to appear as one of the celebrities on 'Dancing With the Stars,' Weird Al turned down the opportunity.

The 'Fat' singer recently spoke to Billboard about declining the offer from ABC to appear on their hit reality series. "They asked me, and I said no," Yankovic said. "It's not my thing, you know? It wouldn't be a pleasant experience for me. I'm frankly not a big fan of reality TV -- I know there's a zillion people who watch the show, and it would probably be 'good for my career,' but I don't know, it's just not my thing."

Yankovic went on to say that although he isn't a fan of reality TV, he did express some interest in doing other film and television-related projects. "I'd love to do more work in TV and movies," Weird Al said. "There's a lot that I'd certainly consider, so, you know, give me an offer!"

Despite this, fans of 'UHF,' the cult classic that starred Weird Al, shouldn't get their hopes up about a sequel. "I don't think that a major motion picture studio is hankering to make a sequel to a movie that flopped in the theaters 20 years ago," the performer said. "I would love to make another movie -- I mean, I think that's somewhere within the realm of possibility. I just don't think it would necessarily be 'UHF 2.' It would probably be something else."

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