"Weird Al" Yankovic may not be ready for 'Dancing With the Stars,' but he's totally down with 'How I Met Your Mother.' The pop parodist made an appearance on the CBS sitcom Monday night, playing himself from 26 years ago, back when he had glasses and that famous mustache.

In the scene, which has the caption, "Hollywood, CA February 1985," Yankovic receives a letter from Ted Mosby, the character played by Josh Radnor. In the letter, eight-year-old Ted offers song parody ideas for Weird Al, who becomes frustrated at getting yet another song suggestion letter. "Why can't they just leave me alone?!," Al shrieks.

Ted's first suggestion, 'Wake Me Up Before You Pogo,' leaves Yankovic unimpressed. But his next idea, 'Like a Surgeon,' sends Al racing to the studio to record his future hit song.

The skit actually has a kernel of truth behind it, as Yankovic fans know that 'Like a Surgeon' is perhaps the only Weird Al parody idea that came from someone else. Al has said he got the idea from Madonna herself, who thought a parody of her hit 'Like a Virgin' would make perfect sense.

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