In the video for his Lady Gaga parody 'Perform This Way,' master satirist and parodist "Weird Al" Yankovic pays homage to and celebrates Gaga's outrageous fashion choices.

In the video, he is born from a purple egg and then parades around in an array of Gaga-inspired attire, including a bubble dress (like one of her Rolling Stone covers), in a nun habit (a nod to 'Alejandro'), a bee dress, a trojan horse head, a police tape frock and a honey barrel hat! The funny thing is that any one of these pieces of outlandish "fashion" could have been worn by Gaga. In fact, the video might even influence her Haus of Gaga team to start constructing a dress made of worker bees and drones. She will probably welcome being stung by insects for the sake of fashion.

"Weird Al"-as-Gaga also poses as a troll, the evil queen, Frankenstein, an 'Avatar' and a variety of other characters. His head has obviously been digitally superimposed onto a woman's body, which mimics Gaga's tattoos and her dancing from the actual 'Born This Way' video; but it's still funny, even if the CGI is far from perfect.

A Madonna doppelganger even shows up in the video, cone bustier and all, which is a not-so-subtle tilt towards the fact that 'Born This Way' was heavily compared to and criticized by some as being a rip off of  Madonna's smash hit, 1989's 'Express Yourself.'

We think even Gaga herself would appreciate the humor and "Weird Al" poking fun at her ensembles. Gaga did give her blessing for Weird Al to parody her song, so we wouldn't be shocked if she had a hearty giggle at the video.

Watch the "Weird Al" Yankovic 'Perform This Way' Video