Football quarterbacks often write plays and schemes on their arms, which makes sense since many complex patterns are hard to remember in order to execute them flawlessly. Singer Taylor Swift doesn't need help remembering her own lyrics on her current North American Speak Now tour, but she has been writing words of other artists who inspire her with a Sharpie along the length of her left arm.

Swift told Z100 radio host Elvis Duran that she has taken to scrawling words that inspire her. The ink may be temporary (thanks to some strong soap), but the sentiments are permanent. Swift has covered Bon Jovi and Justin Bieber on stage, but covers her skin with the words of Sugarland, Matt Nathanson, Eminem, Faith Hill and her bestie, Selena Gomez. Clearly, Swift isn't pledging allegiance to any genre with her declarations, sampling from country, pop, emo and rock genres.

If you want to check out an inventory of lyrics that Swift has etched onto her well toned arms, head over to our sister site Taste of Country. The staff at Taste of Country has been working hard to compile a complete list of lyrics that have graced the arms of Ms. Taylor Swift throughout her tour.

Her most recent lyrics were from emo pop band Jimmy Eat World's 'Mixtape,' and they read: "I was only there to sing your song what were you protecting yourself from."

It's like fans are getting a sneak peak into Swift's iPod with these arm lyrics sentiments. How generous of her to share! Maybe bands should start lobbying to get their lyrics on Swift's arm? She could even rent it as advertising space. Okay, maybe not, but it's a brilliant way for the singer to get people talking about her favorite bands and for her to connect with her fans and others.

Who will Taylor Swift quote next? We're dying to find out!

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