This week's top lyrics focus heavily on looooove. From the sweet need to protection someone, to head-over-heels ardor, these tracks will definitely have you thinking of that special someone!

Songs like Phillip Phillips' 'Gone, Gone, Gone,' and Capitol Cities' 'Safe and Sound' reflect a kind of devotion comes with deep love. Want someone to watch out for you? These guys have your back.

Ciara and Ariana Grande, on the other hand, take things up a notch with their songs that celebrate the way a certain someone can make you feel. And for those who are focusing on living in the moment -- be that related to love or otherwise-- Avicii has you covered.

We pulled out our favorite lines from this week’s songs, but who has the best lyric? Check out the nominees and sound off in the poll below.

Phillip Phillips, 'Gone, Gone, Gone'

"I'll shut down the city lights, / I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe to make you well, to make you well / When enemies are at your door I'll carry you away from war / If you need help, if you need help."

Phillip is all about going to any length for the one he loves -- but what else would you expect from guy who sings 'Home'? There's something so touching about him being willing to carry a loved one away from war.

Ariana Grande, 'The Way' Feat. Mac Miller

"I'm thinkin bout her every second, every hour / Do my singin' in the shower / Pickin' petals off of flowers like / Do she love me, do she love me not?"

Mac Miller throws down a couple verses in 'The Way,' and these lines reference some of love's greatest cliches! Whether it's being so happy that you're always singing, or pulling petals off flowers to see if your love is requited, Mac knows exactly how you feel.

Avicii, 'Don't Wake Me Up'

"They tell me I'm too young to understand / They say I'm caught up in a dream / Life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes / Well that's fine by me."

Avicii joined the ranks of singers like Miley Cyrus, One Direction and the Wanted, who adapted "carpe diem" themes into their tracks. He's on a quest to find himself and plans on living in the moment -- until he's older and wiser, that is.

Ciara, 'Body Party'

"My body is your party, baby / Nobody's invited but you, baby / I can do it slow now / Tell me what you want."

Ciara isn't exactly subtle with 'Body Party.' The singer makes it clear that she's inviting someone to a party of two. Now that's amore.

Capital Cities, 'Safe and Sound'

"You could be my luck / Even in a hurricane of frowns / I know that we'll be safe and sound."

It's like the making of a Taylor Swift song. Being with the one you love, even if the haters are going to hate. Better yet? When you're willing to do whatever you can to protect that person, even amidst the negativity.