It's Spider-Man and his Mini-Me in the new Evian Spider Man 'The Amazing Baby and Me 2' commercial. The masked and webbed duo hang upside down, spin their webs and do some hotfooted dancing to a classic '90s hip-hop hit. What's the song that finds them getting their groove on?

It's the addictively catchy 'Here Comes the Hotstepper,' originally recorded by Jamaican reggae singer and rapper Ini Kamoze.

Come on, children of the '90s, which is currently the nostalgia decade du jour! You know you remember this song.

This Evian commercial version of the song was was recorded by an artist named Yuksek, but it's just as potent and danceable as the original version that was used in the movie 'Pret-a-Porter,' as well.

Ultimately, it's a loyal cover of the 1994 jam. Has it really been 20 years since this song first filled the airwaves? Time flies!

Spidey and the little guy are adorable as they dance and semi-compete with one another over who has the slickest arachnid skills. Spidey certainly busts plenty of jaw-dropping moves, but his tiny doppelganger steals the show. They steal a bottle of water at the end, too. Sort of!