Sometimes, car companies like to choose loud, fast-paced rock songs to accompany commercials in which cars race around narrow turns and across highways, but Jaguar goes in a different direction in its new F-Type ad, choosing instead to play a slow, instrumental portion of Lana Del Rey's 'Burning Desire.'

This spot is more cinematic than most car ads, which could be the reason for the different choice in music. The clip begins with shots of the sunrise and slow-motion footage of a woman walking between two new F-Type cars. As the soft tones of Del Rey's track clash with the revving of engines, viewers see a glimpse of the impossibly winding road the vehicles will be driving down.

When the race begins, 'Burning Desire' becomes more like background noise that adds a bit of an urgent pulse beneath the harsh sounds of tires squealing and engines accelerating. The loud cars contrast with the soothing piano of the music and the gorgeous mountainous landscape surrounding the road.

Del Rey went to Paris to appear at the launch party for the F-Type and to perform 'Burning Desire' in person. The song is an iTunes-only bonus track on the Paradise Edition of Del Rey's 'Born to Die' album. 'Born to Die' was released in January and topped the charts in several countries, and the Paradise Edition re-release comes out later this year.