When you catch an auburn-haired singer and a flannel-shirted guitarist belting out some smooth country tunes on tonight's episode of 'Hart of Dixie,' inevitably you will wonder, :What are these songs, who is this group and where and when can I hear more?" Fear not, innocent viewer. PopCrush has you covered.

The songs are 'My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head' and 'It’s A Longer Road to California' by the Texas-based duo the Wind and the Wave. The group, made up of members Dwight Baker (a producer who has worked with Kelly Clarkson) and Patricia Lynn, will release their debut album, 'From the Wreckage,' later this year. Both songs they perform on 'Hart of Dixie' will appear on the record, as well as songs like 'From the Wreckage Build a Home' and the album's first single, 'With Your Two Hands.' In early March, the duo performed at their hometown's famed SXSW music festival and are currently on tour playing all over the country.