Today's (May 5) episode of The Price Is Right went viral after a contestant on the show was awarded with a treadmill. This doesn't sound viral-video-worthy, we know, but the contestant in question is wheelchair-bound.

Contestant Danielle Perez is a Los-Angeles based comedian who took the win in stride. She said (all quotes via PEOPLE), "People really responded to me winning a treadmill on national television. It's hilarious, it's the best. I thought the day that I won it and experiencing that was the best day ever, but today, sharing it with everyone, it's been incredible."

She went on to say that when the prizes were revealed to her and she first saw the treadmill, she reacted, saying, "I just thought, 'Oh this is perfect, you cannot write this, you cannot make this up.' It's not even that I'm in a wheelchair, it's that I literally don't have feet." According to Danielle, the audience noticed the absurdity of the situation, too. She said, "It's funny though, they edited out a little bit. When they revealed the prizes the audience hesitated. There was a feeling of, 'Oh no, they're not really serious. They're not gonna do this, they're not gonna put this woman through this.'"

In the end, the prize didn't even matter all that much to Danielle -- she just wanted to win. She said, "I was so hopped up on all the cash and prizes and endorphins. You go and you just want to win. It doesn't matter what it is."

Despite having little use for the treadmill, Danielle isn't so sure she's going to get rid of it. She said, "I'm really excited. At first I was going to sell it, but now with all of this happening, I kind of want to keep it to have as a memento. Maybe I could get Drew Carey to sign it for me. That'd be awesome."

The Price Is Right sure has run into a few gaffes recently. Model Manuela Arbelaez recently gave away a car when she revealed the winning price to a contestant by mistake. And just a few episodes before that, announcer George Gray fell off a running treadmill.

Check out Danielle on The Price Is Right in the video above.