Whitney Houston's funeral and burial encountered intense media scrutiny, and it's not stopping any time soon. The latest big question surrounding Houston's death and lying to rest: How is her casket being guarded?When the National Enquirer published the controversial (and in our opinion, grossly distasteful) open casket photo of Houston, it was accompanied by a caption stating that the fallen legend was buried with $500,000 of jewels. (For the record, Houston's funeral home owner fervently denied this.) In effect, the tabloid not only violated the family's privacy, it may also have jeopardized the safety of Houston's remains by effectively advertising their worth.

E! Online did some digging to find out how Houston's body and jewels are being protected in light of grave robbery concerns. (So morbid and so creepy, we know!) Reports have circulated that Houston's gravesite was being protected by armed bodyguards, especially since the location, tombstone and value have all been published in public forums. E! reporters tried getting in touch with the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, N.J., where Houston was buried, but staff refused to talk to any media outlets. (We think that's pretty smart.)

E! did, however, speak to sources at a Hollywood cemetery hosting many other fallen stars, called Hollywood Forever. The burial specialists there reported that Houston's below-ground burial is an effective tool against grave robbery. Many other celebrities, including Michael Jackson, have their caskets enclosed in concrete prior to their burials -- but the Fairview sources wouldn't comment on Houston's burial, simply saying, "It depends on what they anticipate and the level of celebrity. It really is a case-by-case basis."

Regardless of how Houston was laid to rest, we hope she's resting peacefully -- and that the world will respect her and her memory enough not to loot her grave.