As people continue to search for explanations of why Whitney Houston died on Saturday at age 48, some are taking a second look at the singer's alleged heavy drinking and repeated visits to her doctors in the days before her death.

CNN sources claim that Houston was "partying the night before her death in the bar." Another source says the singer ordered multiple drinks on Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the lobby and pool area of the Beverly Hilton, then complained the drinks were too "watered down." The reports about Houston's drinking seem to support the story that she left a Grammy party on Thursday looking disheveled.

While everyone is entitled to have a few cocktails now and then, the discussion about Houston's drinking is relevant since the exact manner of her death is still unknown, and alcohol might have played a role, along with prescription medications she was taking. The anti-anxiety medication Xanax was found in her hotel room, but no sedatives such as Valium were present. Toxicology reports could take up to eight weeks. The coroner has declared no foul play was involved.

Star magazine is reporting that Houston visited the doctor on Feb. 2, Feb. 7, and Feb. 10, though it's not clear whether she saw the same physician each time or whether she received any prescriptions. The last of the three visits was to a throat doctor, according to 'X Factor' winner Melanie Amaro, who bumped into the 'I Will Always Love You' diva.

Houston's funeral is this Saturday in New Jersey. Though the ceremony is private, fans can stream the funeral live online.