Justin Bieber was involved in a pretty scary car chase last week with the paparazzi. Though Bieber received a speeding ticket for the incident, it's still not quite clear to authorities who was really responsible for the dangerous speed chase.

TMZ reports that the California Highway Patrol are divided as to whether Bieber deserved the ticket to begin with. Though Biebs was cited for going 80 mph, a lot of officers think it was unfair to punish him for trying to get away from photogs, calling him "a victim of the rogue paparazzi." "This was like a Princess Diana situation," one source told TMZ. "It was not Bieber's fault."

However, other officers insist Biebs was in the wrong. "It's like rushing a woman to the hospital who's about to give birth," one of them explained. "You can't endanger the lives of innocent people, and Bieber did." Welp, that's true. Driving that speed is unsafe, especially when people are on your tail and driving aggressively themselves.

The CHP also said that despite Bieber's harassment complaint against one particularly jerky paparazzo, the photographer likely won't be charged with a crime. A source said, "It's a misdemeanor committed outside the CHP's presence and it's a stretch the City Attorney will take the case."

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