What an unlikely pair -- it's 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' meets 'Elephunk'! At a recent solo concert, Jeff Tweedy, who is the frontman for indie rock outfit Wilco, treated his fans to a Black Eyed Peas medley. Tweedy has strong roots in rock, country and folk, and after watching his comical attempts at covering three BEP tunes, it's clear that dance-pop music is not and never will be his thing.

Tweedy took on three BEP tracks: 'Rock That Body,' 'My Humps' and 'I Got a Feeling.' During his performances, Tweedy switched between spoken word portions and actual singing. He strummed his guitar slightly as he attempted to master will.i.am's lyrics in 'Rock That Body,' but laughed along with the crowd as he struggled to nail the hook "all of my super fly ladies."

During 'My Humps,' Tweedy did his best Fergie-Ferg impression as he recited the lyrics to the nonsensical song, highlighting the ridiculous repetitiveness as he battled his way through. Tweedy looked like a tortured poet as he stood onstage, intensely concentrating on reading the lyrics in the right tune.

When Tweedy hit the bridge of the song, where the BEP dudes and Fergie take turns singing, it was as if he was staring at a sheet covered in rocket science equations. He had to get an assist from a concert-goer, who told him that the guys and Fergie switch back and forth on the vocals during the part. Tweedy sarcastically responded, "Oh, I'm sorry," as the crowd burst into laughter. He continued, "I'm really surprised that you didn't keep that yourself."

Much like the Black Eyed Peas, Tweedy chose to close with the energetic, 'get-your-drink-on' track 'I Got a Feeling.' Before he started, Tweedy said, "This has been very challenging. I really overestimated myself, or underestimated the Black Eyed Peas. I honestly have no idea which, but it's really not my skill set." Referring to the pop quartet, he went on to say, "They have like a million lyrics! Every one of them is like four pages long!"

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Watch Jeff Tweedy Perform 'My Humps'

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